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Wèrk in oedveuring: Achter gedangen arbeidj zie 't roewig röste.

Vayalaresh Organic is a Mäöreser supermarket chain and agricultural/food distribution company. It is based on Appentjeruuer, but it has expanded throughout Mäöres. The company was created and is owned/managed by Soeddir Vajalarèsj and his family (Vayalaresh is the Indian spelling of his surname).

As its name alludes, all of Vayalaresh Organic's products are organic, and they also do not sell any meat or dairy products - their produce is entirely vegan. The company is known for being environmentally friendly and treating its employees well (as opposed to some of the first agricultural companies in Appentjeruuer).


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The majority of Vayalaresh Organic's farm/plantations, particularly those of bulk foods (e.g. wheat), are located in rural Appentjeruuer. However, some smaller farms/plantations for specialised foods are located elsewhere.

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