Wèrk in oedveuring: Achter gedangen arbeidj zie 't roewig röste.

Vlag Lovia

Flag of Lovia.


Vlagk Mäöresès.

Since 3rd March 2010, the former residence of the famous architect .... is home to the Lovian Embassy. The building dates back from 1872 and has been renovated recently with an eye for detail.

Standard information Lovia is a kingdom where the official language is English. The most prominent towns and cities are Noble City, Hurbanova, Sofasi, Newhaven and Train Village. Apart from English there are also some minority languages spoken like Dutch, Limburgish, Italian, Oceana and other languages. King Dimitri I of Lovia is ruling over the country together with an elected government.

Role of the Embassy The role is to protect in Mäöres the interests of Lovia and of its nationals, within the limits permitted by international law; negotiating with the Government of Mäöres as directed by Lovia; ascertaining by lawful means conditions and developments in Mäöres, and reporting thereon to the Government of Lovia; promoting friendly relations between Lovia and the receiving State, and developing their economic, cultural and scientific relations

The embassy
  • administrator and reporter.
  • contact person.

According to the constitution of Lovia, someone will become a citizen when he has been active for four days in the country, at least made fifty useful edits and hasn't committed any vandalism. You also need to log in or create an account. If you have done this, you've got the right to buy a second house, participate in elections, vote in elections and even more.


At the Lovian Embassy English, Limburgish, Unified Modern Mäöres, Dutch, Ripuarian, Buulsj, Cleverlandic and even more languages are spoken!

For any translation of an official document, you are most welcome at the Lovian Embassy. Is this your case? Then go to this talk page.

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